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step 1: choose pack
step 2: customize pack
step 3: get pack

make your pack one of a kind!

customize your pack by adding accessories.

Reflective Graphics


Graphic Logo


Battery Bank


Bulletproof Insert


The Reflective Graphics Kit Comes with 4 reflective graphics. Comes in a wide variety of colors. The graphics will reflect back when light is shined on it, this accessory is a must have for anybody that wants to stay safe at night.

Choose from over 15 character designs that can be easily applied and removed from your pack. They are High-Grad Vinyl Graphics that come in either Black or White.

Charge all your valuables with this handy battery bank that fits seamlessly inside your backpack. Connect this portable battery with the integrated cords within the backpack to stay charged on the go.

Protect yourself or a loved one with this Bullet-Proof Insert. The metal plate can be easily removed when you feel like you are safe and its no longer needed. Rating: NIJ 010.06 Level 3A 5 Shots .44mag 1414 fps.

Custom Graphic


Cleaning Cloth


Microfiber Cleaning Cloth that will help keep your pack spotless. All of our packs can be easily cleaned with this cloth and water. Dust, scrub, clean, polish, and dry with this handy cloth.

Customize your own graphic to say whatever you want. The Graphic can be of your name or your favorite saying, it's up to you! It can be easily applied to any desired location on your packs.

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