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Darth Pack

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☑️Movie Accurate Backpack - truly one of kind backpack inspired by Darth Vader and made out of the same material!

☑️Extremely Protective Shell - protects your valuables from anything in the galaxy, while weighing less than 2 lbs.

☑️Waterproof - caught out in the rain? No worries, all your electronics are safe inside!

☑️Super Functional Interior - more than just a pretty face, keep all your goodies organized and protected.

☑️Multiple Features - integrated USB Charging Port, Anti-theft, Cut-Proof, Customizable, and easy to clean.

The Darth Pack is a MUST-HAVE for any true Star Wars Fan!

Sure, we realize that Darth Vader fans probably would prefer to march around in full sith armor all day, but that's kind of impractical, so the next best thing is a backpack that is still functional.

We honestly created Darth Pack for ourselves to use at Comic-Cons, but after getting asked hundreds of times where we got it from, we wanted other people to experience all the attention that this backpack brought so we began selling them!

The Darth Pack isn't only cool looking but is also packed with dozens of clever features for Daily Travelers, Motorcyclists, Snowboarders, Photographers, Cosplayers, and for everyday use!

Remember... the Force will be with you, always. Grab your very own Darth Pack and take it with you wherever your galaxy takes you! 

Darth Pack Dimensions:

Height: 17" Inches
Width: 11" Inches
Depth: 5" Inches

2 lbs

Loading weight:
20 lbs

ABS Plastic Exterior and Nylon Interior

Laptop Compartment:
Fits up to a 17" Inch Laptop
Height: 15" Inches
Width: 11" Inches
Depth: 2" Inches

Tablet Compartment:
Fits up to a 9.7" Inch Tablet (IPad)
Height: 5.5" Inches
Width: 9" Inches
Depth: 1" Inches

12.5 liters


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Do you offer returns?

Yes, we offer a 90 Day Return Policy on our orders!

We will forever be here to help you with any issues, we strongly stand behind our backpacks and we want you to love them for many years.

What size laptop/tablet can fit inside?

The Kapack fits up to a 17" laptop and a tablet up to 9.7"
Laptop Compartment: 
27 cm x 40 cm x 4 cm (Width x Height x Depth)
Tablet Compartment: 
26 cm x 18 cm x 1 cm (Width x Height x Depth)

How do I clean the backpack?

It's very easy to clean the pack! Since the exterior is pretty much a car surface, you can easily remove any mess by using a cleaning cloth and some water. For serious blemishes, you can use basic car cleaning supplies.

Is the backpack waterproof?

The packs are completely weatherproof, this means that the pack will protect the contents inside against rain, snow, sleet, sand, and dirt that falls on it. If you're caught out in a really bad rainstorm, snowstorm, etc you don't have to worry about your items inside getting wet. We just won't recommend submerging your pack underwater because water will slowly leak through.

Can I apply Stickers, Graphics, Decals, etc?

Yes! Since the exterior is just like a car surface, you can easily apply any stickers that you want! If you want to change up the design, no worries, easily peel off any existing stickers without damaging the surface at all. 
We also sell high-quality vinyl graphics that are specifically designed for all of our packs!
If these don't answer your questions, feel free to reach out to us via the messenger popup (bottom left) or you can email us at

KAPACKS is founded and operated by Hunter and Jeff Leininger. A unique father and son duo that combines Jeff’s 25 years of industry knowledge and Hunter’s revolutionary ideas of the future.

Hunter at the age of 16 founded KAPACKS. When he was walking home from school and got caught in a rainstorm which soaked his backpack, destroying all his school work and his expensive laptop. After this incident, Hunter searched the internet for a backpack that would protect his valuables. Not having any luck, Hunter decided to embark on a mission of creating his own custom-designed backpack that would be water-resistant.

Jeff helped Hunter embark on this daunting mission to create this revolutionary product by manufacturing every pack out of his own warehouse in the USA.

Made in USA
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