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Grab a Nasa pack today for only $69!

 Hurry, this offer won't last long!

$40 off normal price

What is the nasa pack?

official nasa  backpack


show your love for nasa by representing them wherever you go. have a functional pack while looking badass!

Extremely Durable

Made out of strong ABS Plastic, the same material as your car bumper. so don't worry about your valuables getting damaged.

ultra lightweight

The pack is so light that you could lift it with your pinky finger. no need to use the force to pick it up. Weighs less than 1 lb.


caught out in the rain? no need to worry, the pack will protect all of your valuables inside.

anti-theft design

Hurry, this offer wont last long!

we designed the pack to have hidden zippers and pockets tucked against your back, so nobody can steal anything from you.

usb charging

comes with a built in usb charging port so your electronics never die. allows you to access your phone easily while charging.

the coolest backpack   in the universe

This pack was made for the true nasa fans. join 100s of others that already have this kick-ass backpack!

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custom made by hand
proud to be made in the usa
hassle free return policy
father and son business
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