The Backpacks
of the Future

Breaking the Ordinary!

Hardshell Backpacks!

More than just a PRETTY FACE!

We spent a considerable amount of time perfecting the exterior of our packs, however, that doesn’t mean that we neglected the interior of the packs. We carefully integrated special features into the interior in order to keep up with today’s electronic devices.

People are carrying more electronics and valuables than ever before, so why is your backpack not designed to protect them? We invented Kapacks to solve this issue! People call it an inexpensive insurance policy for your valuables. Our revolutionary design is packed with clever features for Daily Travelers, Motorcyclists, Snowboarders, Photographers, Cosplayers, Kids, and many more. We know that everyone is different, which is why Kapacks are fully customizable to perfectly match a user's style.

Custom Backpacks?

...yeah, we make them!


KAPACKS is founded and operated by Hunter and Jeff Leininger. A unique father and son duo that combines Jeff’s 25 years of industry knowledge and Hunter’s revolutionary ideas of the future.

Hunter at the age of 16 founded KAPACKS. When he was walking home from school and got caught in a rainstorm which soaked his backpack, destroying all his school work and his expensive laptop. After this incident, Hunter searched the internet for a backpack that would protect his valuables. Not having any luck, Hunter decided to embark on a mission of creating his own custom-designed backpack that would be water-resistant.


Jeff helped Hunter embark on this daunting mission to create this revolutionary product by manufacturing every pack out of his own warehouse in the USA.

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